I want to puke

The Reds dealt Dunn. They didn’t just deal him. . . they traded him for a fist-full of magic beans. They got a former third round pick with elbow trouble and two players to be named later.
Now, ignore the fact that he’s leading the majors in homers. Even if they just let him walk via free agency, they would get two first round picks for him.
I’m literally too furious to type anymore. I’m about two seconds from unleashing a vicious tirade and forever renounce the Reds as my team. I’ve never been this angry over a deal. This club will suck for the next decade.
Demond Sanders: Simmah-dah-nah. Actually, wait, don’t. You’re telling me they are letting Josh “Hambone” Hamilton and Adam Dunn get away in less than a year? Castellini!!!!!