I told you so?

Earlier this week I wrote, “I think the Colts are about to go on the offensive and Marvin will be a big part of it.” So far, so good.
I was a little worried after Marvin put up only one catch in the first half against Houston. But then it happened. The second half. Thirty minutes that could have major implications for the rest of the season. 8 catches. 6 first downs. 1 touchdown. Am I being overly dramatic? Probably, but you have to admit it felt pretty good to see #88 reach back to grab the ball, keep his knees off the ground, and fight to get in the endzone for 6.
Is it time for I told you so? Uh, no. It was just one game. Remember that Marvin had 8 catches against the Bears in week 1 and promptly disappeared for two months. But, I expect to see a lot more out of Marvin from here on out.
What a difference a week makes. Here are the Colts updated receiving stats:

Player No Yds Avg Long TD
Reggie Wayne 56 790 14.1 65 5
Anthony Gonzalez 40 473 11.8 58 2
Dallas Clark 39 459 11.8 29 3
Marvin Harrison 39 434 11.1 67 4

DZ Comments: I sure hope you are right. This is one time I won’t mind being wrong. The six first downs were significant. These weren’t short passes the D didn’t mind giving up. They were chain moving catches. Watching him fight for the ball and the score helped quiet people who questioned his desire (which I didn’t and wouldn’t do). Ultimately, you are right. One week proves nothing. Let’s see he show up big on Sunday night in a tough game, and a lot more of us will believe.