Hi! I’m Drew Brees, and I’m not the MVP.


Also, Purdue sucks.

Also, 18 Plays is back!  You can listen here or subscribe.  Check out the Podcast Page for details.

Links:  Great work by the Star on the MVP race.  They got responses from 19 of the MVP voters.  Brees was the number one candidate followed Warner and Manning.  Brees is now clearly done.  D O N E.  The field is WIDE open.  If either Warner or Peterson go nuts in their head to head game, that could do it.  If neither is spectacular and the game in close and low scoring, Manning may well pull away.

If you are going to be in the Tampa area around Super Bowl time, be sure to check out this event.  The event will feature the Bart Starr award and Tony Dungy will be a featured guest.  Tickets are only $20 bucks (down from more than $200 in past years, thanks to a larger venue).  Thanks to EJ for the heads up.