Here’s Looking at You…

Eyes is done and I found a great stat that should make us all feel a lot better about this season on offense. Without further ado, here’s this week’s taste:

Last week’s Eyes wasn’t far off, on anything but the score that is. But why dwell on the past? Especially when the most hotly anticipated game of the year is coming up tomorrow night. It’s finally here! Colts vs Pats, let the hype…just sort of peter out. This season hasn’t gone the way fans of either one of these once dominant teams have wanted, but with one eye on the past and the other on the future, it’s easy to miss seeing just what will happen this week. Be watching for:

1. Points. Neither one of these teams is really clicking right now, although the Pats have had a couple of solidish games in a row. The big weakness on both clubs is in the secondary, where the Pats got old fast and the Colts got injured. Now New England has also lost cheater/thug/team leader Rodney Harrison forever and the Colts lost the only viable nickle back on the roster in Marlin Jackson. Wes Welker and Reggie Wayne may be in for huge games.

2. Watch for a course correction. Everyone has been questioning why Peyton Manning has had such low numbers. Some of that is due to injuries to himself and the offense culminating in a massive loss of practice time. Some has to do with a brutal schedule of pass defenses. In just 7 games, Manning has played 4 of the top 5 defenses in terms of passer rating. In fact, he’s played the three best in consecutive weeks. Both the Titans and the Packers allow opponents under 60. The Ravens and Bears join the Bucs in the top five. The truth is that the Colts ran into the worst kind of opponents at a time when the running game was struggling and the passing game was out of sync. New England’s opponent passer rater is almost 90. Manning is going off this week.

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