Here and There…

Does anyone know who’s good around here anymore? With the NFC East getting beat down by the likes of St. Louis, Arizona, and Cleveland, it’s anybody’s guess where the power lies in the NFL. All of a sudden the AFC South looks a LOT tougher (3-0 on Sunday), with three of the four teams back to .500 and better, with the Titans the last remaining undefeated team. This season is weird because it doesn’t feel like playing on the road in the playoffs would be that scary. Whoever comes out of the AFC East won’t be elite, and other than Pittsburgh is there a road destination in the AFC that scares you in January?
I’ll be watching the tape today and preparing for 18 Plays (in whatever form it takes), in the meantime, here’s some links:
Kuharsky breaks down Manning
Phil B repeated the Ugoh rumors in his chat this week. Everyone says Charlie Johnson played really well this week; I’ll judge for myself shortly. It’s going to take more than one good game to convince me that he’s the answer. Ugoh’s play on the field has been solid, but if he doesn’t strap it up every week, what good does it do us?
Chris Carter says we can’t run, and Shannon Sharpe wants to change his answer, I’m betting.

Big Blue Shoe and I agree to disagree

Scouts Inc is totally nuts. In a list of possible trades, they want Indy to give up a 4th round pick for Justin Fargas. What? If Addai had blown out his knee, maybe. But to give up a 4th round pick for what would be a third string running back for a team that can barely run the ball as it is seems insane. If the Colts were to deal (which they won’t becuase that’s not how things work in the NFL), it would be for a DT. That may take the cake for stupidest article since a Scouts Inc guy said the Colts were taking a huge risk by cutting Corey Simon.
Doug Farrar of FO looks at ‘true value’ by rushing title leaders. Hit the ‘view image’ button to see the graphic. Edge came out as having the two best seasons of any rushing leader in the last 10 years.
Gregg Easterbrook talks a lot with some football related…never mind, I’m bored just writing this.
Don Banks can’t figure out who’s good any more than I can