He only lies when his lips move

…said Pokey Reese of Jim Bowden (ex Reds and current Nats GM). Now he’s under investigation by the FBI for stealing money from poor Dominican kids. Yikes. It’s distressing to see Jose Rijo involved in the scandal as well. I hated Bowden already for being a weasel, but it’s sad to see a man who brought the Reds a World Series get wrapped up in such things.
I’ve been insanely busy this week, but here’s a list of links that have come up:
FO explains in more detail about the switch from DPAR to DYAR. Personally, I’m all for anything that is more accurate. I think DPAR was misleading because as Schatz points out, ‘points’ weren’t equivalent between positions. For instance, you couldn’t add up the WR, QB, and RB points given out in a game and get the total points the team scored. I think DYAR will work out well in the long run.
CHFF lists the most overrated QBs. The list is crap. They kill Elway for having wins with no stats and Aikman for having too much talent around him and Fouts for playing in a system. I know they wouldn’t put Brady on the list, but explain to me how he’s any better than Elway or Aikman. He had less talent on offense (save one season), and his stats were crap, but he won. I thought that’s all that mattered to those guys. But now, they kill Elway for not having stats and just winning. At least they got #1 right. It’s Namath and it’s not close.
This piece on HoFers in football is great. I found it through SI, but it made a great point that I’ve been banging on for months. A lot of ‘names’ retired recently. They aren’t all going to the Hall at all, and maybe one of them will get in on a first ballot (the suddenly a-holish Favre if he stays out). And just who is mentioning Steve McNair for the Hall? Give me a break. He barely ever made the freaking Pro Bowl. He’s the Fukudome of football (just kidding).
Great job Kravitz. I can’t believe I’m not being sarcastic. I appreciate him defending Jermaine O’Neal. JO took a lot of heat for things he didn’t do and has been called a whiner for enduring one of the worst collections of miscreants to grace the Indy sports scene ever. This was a nice piece by Bob and shows that maybe he does have a heart and not just a penchant for irritation.