Hard at work

This week will be light on the posts as we scramble to get our preseason articles up by Thursday. Last year’s Star Wars Predictions were a big hit, and our preseason visions were dead on (mostly). We’ll be posting our 2008 versions soon, as well as celebrating the return of Eyes in the Backfield, in which we help you focus in on 18 things that will define each and every week for the Indianapolis Colts. Eyes will be up every Friday.
As always, don’t forget to check out 18to88.com for the kind of articles and regular pieces that don’t fit well on a daily blog. We are now archiving the MMTTB Report, and we still have three games available in the Important Wins contest. All submissions can be sent to 18to88@gmail.com.
Links: The Footballoutsiders look at the ‘perfect game’ according to Passer Rating.
Jaguar Julie is unintentionally hilarious
When worlds collide: Florio takes on the Jaguars.
Peter King thinks the Jags are going to win the South and that Garrard is an MVP candidate. Hmmm, that’ll be tough with no wideouts there Pete.
TMQ has its haiku predictions out.

Demond Sanders: The title of this post should really be Hard at “work”, but that’s a minor quibble. It is a stretch to say our Bold Visions were mostly dead on for 2007. We whiffed pretty bad on Brady/Moss, Garrard, and JDR. I think the hate clouded our vision.