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Thanks to SpeedBlue47 for the link. Since the last time I posted on Bruce, he’s had 4 hits and 2 HR, in just 2 games.

Polian and Footballoutsiders? Together? It’s the best Tuesday ever! The smartest website and the smartest GM. It’ll offset the IQ points you lost by reading us today.

I get worn out by the shtick at Cold Hard Football Facts. But I have to tell you, if they have to unleash the bile, they couldn’t pick a better candidate. All those years people were killing Manning and praising Brady for their playoff performances, they overlooked Brady playing with Mr. Clutch while Manning played with Mr. Clutch His Own Throat at kicker. Remember, it isn’t that Vandy missed kicks. That can happen even to the best. It’s that he had two HUGE kicks in the playoffs and shanked them wide right by about 15 yards each. He didn’t hit the upright. He didn’t just push it a hair wide. He missed those kicks by so much that within .5 seconds you knew they didn’t have a chance. Failing in the clutch isn’t the same thing as choking. Sometimes you don’t get the break or the other guy makes a great play. Failing is part of life. Choking is when you do something widely out of character because of the pressure. I’ve only seen Vandy hit two balls like that. Miami and Pittsburgh.

The Colts are blessed with continuity on offense, but that means making special adjustments as well.

Demond Sanders: I’ve been without internet since Friday night due to a huge bleeping storm in Indy. I’m officially back and my first order of business is to let DZ know that the Reds suck. Good home team. Horrible road team. I know you’re justifiably pysched about JB’s genius-level start to his career, but this team is going nowhere fast. They’re close. Closer than they’ve been in awhile, but still a year away.