First Trip to Lucas Oil

DZ and I are heading to Lucas Oil Stadium tonight for the preseason game against Buffalo. It’s our first trip to the friendly confines. We’ll fill you in on all the details later. Besides checking out our new seats, I’m especially interested to see how the parking situation shakes out. We’ve parked in the same lot for the past ten seasons. With the new stadium moving a couple blocks to the south we have to adapt. I fear change.
On a side note, did anyone watch any of the Pey-back Classic games on WNDY? Forrest Lucas (founder of Lucas Oil) was interviewed during the broadcast of the Noblesville – Fishers opening game. The announcer kept referring to the building as if Mr. Lucas owned it. It really annoyed me. He doesn’t own LOS any more than RCA owned the Dome. I’m sure everyone wishes he had paid for it, but he didn’t. He paid to have his name on the front of the building. Did he help make it possible by paying $120 million over 20 years? Sure, but it was the citizens of Indiana who bit the $700 million bullet.