Endangered Species

No, this post has nothing to do with the Colts or the Pats (and everyone just clicked away…). Instead, it’s a commentary on why I’m rooting for Pittsburgh tomorrow. I realize that the Jags in theory could beat New England, or at least beat them up some. I don’t care. I’ve said all along that I don’t fear the Pats, and I really think this season needs to be about the Colts and Pats. I can’t foresee Tennessee winning on Sunday, and I can’t see Norv Turner winning consecutive playoff games. This leaves the Pats to take on the Jags/Steelers. Sure, I think Jacksonville might be a better game (though I doubt it because of the stiffs the Jholes play in their secondary). Even so, I’m rooting for the Steelers. Why?

One simple reason: a loss would destroy the Jags as a franchise. They’ve started to pick up some momentum with their fan base, and actually managed to sell out a game or two late in the year. The Jhole fans (both of them) believe. The Jags finally have their long sought love from ESPN. And now? A win would validate much of that. If they were to give NE any kind of a game at all, the franchise would start to gain credibility. I don’t want that to happen. A loss and all the goodwill the Jags have banked would go flying out the window. A loss means more blackouts next year and an impending move to L.A. Then the Colts can finally get my dream division of Indy, Tennessee, St. Louis and Houston.

The Jags have to win tomorrow, or they kill their franchise.

Oh, and there’s one more reason. I hate the Jaguars. I’m not sure who I would even root for if they were playing New England. That’s how bad I hate the Jaguars.


WAY TO GO LENNY P! He not only put Reggie Wayne and Bob Sanders on his All-Pro team, but put GARY BRACKETT on as well. Now, that’s great to see. We love Gary Brackett here at 18to88.com, and that just makes our day.

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CHFF thinks the Colts have about a 20% chance of winning in NE. That seems very low to me. But since they have no reason to say that, I suppose their opinion is worth the same as any other in the din.

Demond Sanders: Well said. You really loathe the Jaguars. I’m so proud.