Empty Sea of Blackness

I miss you football. I miss you so. . . much.

I started getting really bored tonight because my wife was forcing me to watch American Idol. Usually right now I’d be looking for articles about the Colts while watching the NFL Network. But that’s all over. I canceled my subscription to the NFL Network. I can’t even listen to sports talk radio. The only time I think about the Colts is when someone carelessly mentions the Chargers game to me in passing. My own mom kindly explained today that sometimes Peyton just has off days. “He threw for 400 yards! Did you even watch the game?” Sort of. She didn’t watch the first half.

Every now and then I’ll click on ESPN.com and take a quick look at the latest stories. The stories are strange and unfamiliar. I feel so out of the loop. Randy Moss beat up some chick? What? I should be all over this. This was supposed to be THE WEEK. Instead I’m forced to watch a bunch of freaks who can’t sing. My beautiful wife claims that I’m just getting a taste of what I put her through for five months. Now I know why some people drink.