Early list of links

We need to save a lot of commentary about the Chargers game for Friday’s Eyes in the Backfield, but here’s a running list of links to follow today…

Jeff Chadia asks questions about the playoffs.

ESPN gives us a list of big moments in replay. Two of the top five involve the Colts. One was inexplicable, one very painful.

PK admits he doesn’t know crap about subjects like Bob Sanders and VY.

CHFF gives the Chargers waaaay too much credit for what happened in 2005. They also over blow what happened in November. But hey, why should they bother with reality when they can just blather.

Here’s a freaky piece about why Cam “Jar Jar” Cameron got fired. Yikes. Poor little guy.

Wow. This article about Phil Rivers spends a lot of time on a game he didn’t even play in. The 2005 Chargers had a different: QB, coach, O and D coordinators. IT DOESN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS SUNDAY’S GAME. Half the Colts team didn’t even play in the NFL back then.

Dr Z. weighs in with his thoughts on the weekend to come. He’s a thinkin’ what I’m a thinkin’.