Do you see what I see?

I watched the first half of the Packers game last night, and my eyes seriously disagreed with what the announcers were telling us on TV. They kept talking about how good Aaron Rodgers looked, but to be honest I didn’t see it. I saw a guy who really does have some tough WRs (that pass for a touchdown was one of the best RAC I’ve seen in a long time). He seemed to throw a beat late and really get his guys killed or passes broken up. He had some solid throws too, but he was going against the Bengals “defense” and still took two sacks and had a pick on the first two drives. I would call his performance positively Sorgi-esque.
At halftime Tom Jackson said his body language looked great. That was probably the oddest statement of all. I thought he looked miserable. He looked like he was about to crap his pants and didn’t seem to have any real enthusiasm. Also I had forgotten he was a Jeff Tedford QB. Should he succeed, he’ll certainly be bucking a trend. The other Tedford QBs in the NFL: Trent Dilfer, Akili Smith, Joey Harrington, and Kyle Boller. Aaron Rodgers was the lowest drafted of all of those (24th pick first round). Yikes. Oh wait, he also coached Billy Volek and AJ Feeley. I take it all back.
I’m not saying he was awful, but I didn’t think he was very impressive, and I’m not sure why ESPN lobbied for him so hard. Maybe it’s because they have some Packer games on MNF this season (including one to open the year). I still can’t see this working out for Green Bay at all.
Hugging Harold Reynolds calls our attention to their postcards from training camp segment. Thanks guys.
Here’s a great recap of the Reds horrible history of dealing HR hitters. The link comes via Capt Chris who writes:
I recommend you guys make a run over to There is a little diary showing the Reds poor performance trading home run hitters, starting with Big Klu and ending with the Big Donkey. Apparently, having a room temperature IQ is a requirement for being the Reds GM.

Do you ever get the feeling that it isn’t even that our GM is playing checkers and the rest of them are playing chess…it’s that the other GMs are playing chess and ours is playing “guess how many fingers I’m holding up.”

And don’t get me started on Corey Patterson.
P.s. I don’t want to take Bill Polian away from the Colts, nor Chris Polian, but maybe there’s another Polian out there that we can put in charge of the Reds? Maybe Bill has a three year old grandkid? Any Polian will do.

Coe is done for the year. That’s too bad. It just illustrates how hard it is to have depth in the NFL.