Dead in the Water

The Blue and Gold dropped another one last night. At some point, you have to be at an utter loss to explain this team. Unfortunately, they are built around a star with bad knees and a point guard who has made a career out of being inconsistent. They traded guys with real talent who caused trouble for a collection of junk. Just a month ago, they were a virtual playoff lock, but after losing almost constantly, they find themselves tied for the 8th spot, and just a half game out of 10th. Hollinger is still apparently smoking crack, because he thinks they have a 67% chance at the playoffs. If they can ever manage to win 3 of 5, maybe I’ll buy that. It’s not like I’m setting my standards real high here. I suppose my final evaluation is: they suck just enough to suck, but don’t suck enough to have a shot at Eric Gordon. That’s about as bad as you can suck.

Links: comes through with a nice interview with Dungy. He seems surprised there was any controversy this week.

Yet one more reason that ‘Pro-Bowl Appearances‘ are a lousy way to judge players. Antoine Bethea just made his first pro bowl due to an injury to Troy Polamalu. Listen, Bethea was great this year, and a very deserving player. I’m thrilled for him. But it’s getting ridiculous. Every day, a couple of more players beg off. Everyone wants to be a Pro Bowler, but no one wants to actually play in the game. This should tell us something.

Do you still think steroids don’t help players? Do you still think it’s no big deal? Watch this video and then tell me that ‘roided out players are legit. Dan Naulty isn’t a hero for telling the truth, heroes don’t do this crap to begin with. I do think he’s figured out how to finally be a man, though, and that is something to be proud of. The most any of us can do in life is look our family in the eye, and admit we were wrong without excuses or qualifications. Good for him. Thanks to friend of 18to88, Chad, for this link.

It bothers me too, Bill. I showed up hours early to watch McGwire and Bonds take BP. I hate that they lied to us.

Al Davis is so far off the reservation that he’s practically in Canada. This guy has taken utter and total leave of his senses. This is the goofiest thing I’ve ever heard. I don’t know if Lane Kiffin is a good coach or not. For that matter, NO ONE DOES. He hasn’t had enough of a chance. Davis drafted him a resignation letter? To hire Denny Green? Whaaaaa?