Colts Trade for Bills DT John McCargo

What is it about the Indianapolis Colts and troubled Defensive Tackles? ESPN reports that Indy has traded an undisclosed draft pick to the Buffalo Bills for former first round pick (2006) John McCargo. The North Carolina State standout has fallen out of favor in Buffalo after registering 29 tackles and 2.5 sacks in 2007.

The Buffalo News offers greater insight into McCargo’s situation. The Bills were in good shape at DT and could afford to shed some dead weight. This sounds like the case of a guy losing motivation after his initial big payday in the NFL. We’ve seen this before, but hopefully a new environment will help turn things around for this kid.

DZ Comments: What? We didn’t trade for a running back?! I’m shocked! Scouts Inc, you lead me astray! This is welcome news. As long as the pick wasn’t too high, I don’t think anyone will complain about this deal. A fifth, and we can live with it. A third? It’s a fleece. He should really be careful. Playing DT for the Colts is about like the job once held by this guy:

Let’s hope “Spontaneous human combustion” doesn’t get added to the list of: congenital career ending illness, car accident, blown knee, sudden retirement, and pot related shenanigans. The space between Mathis, Freeney and Gary Brackett is the Bermuda Triangle of the NFL.

It looks like a fourth. Blah. Seems high to me for a guy who doesn’t seem to want to play. The upside is: the Colts don’t make this move if they weren’t 100% convinced they can win it all. I take comfort from that.

The Colts make a huge leap in DVOA. Most interesting is that their schedule is the 26th toughest from here on out.

Cold Hard Football Facts’ comment on Manning is priceless