And the hits just…well you get the idea

We lost the Zombie for a month and a half. This is going to be a tough month, but if the team can get through it at 3-1, things will be ok. Everyone is eventually coming back this season, and a lot of games that looked hard (Cleveland) suddenly aren’t that bad. Cincinnati and Detroit are horrible, and who knows how the Texans are going to play. Without Bob though, we might see a repeat of the early 2006 defense. If anyone else significant gets hurt, I don’t know if the team will survive it. At some point the sheer volume of injuries just flat pulls you under.
CHFF Power Rankings have a great stat on the Colts that I was just thinking about this morning:
Indy has forced only one turnover in two games; in 2007, the Colts forced two or more turnovers in all but two regular season games.
My comment would be that it’s hard to force turnovers when teams barely ever throw. I think we get a couple this week.
The podcast is up. Regular subscribers will be downloading it automatically. If you don’t regularly subscribe, just follow the link and down load it. It’s a bit longer this week as we had a lot to talk about and Demond was in a much better mood.
Ross Tucker was at the game Sunday
Dr. Zs Power Rankings.
ESPN’s Page 2 ranks all the NFL teams post merger. The Colts are exactly in the middle.