A short discussion.

This topic has been much discussed here and elsewhere, but the Indystar is talking Canton. I’ll direct you to one quote in particular about Marvin Harrison: “He’ll make it, but there will be a long discussion. Maybe not the first ballot.” — Mike O’Hara, Detroit News.
Mike is an idiot, but he may be right about the long discussion. It is going to take the committee a long time to rattle off the lengthy list of Marvin’s on-field accomplishments before they vote him in. On the first ballot.
Here’s my quick up or down on the rest of the Star’s list:
Peyton Manning: Yes.
Marvin Harrison: Yes.
Adam Vinatieri: Yes.
Dwight Freeney: No.
Bob Sanders: No.
Reggie Wayne: Yes.
Tony Dungy: Yes.
Bill Polian: No.