88 is 10th?

A panel of experts was commissioned by ESPN to select the 10 best WRs of all time, and the great Marvin Harrison came in at 10th. I don’t have time to get into everything here, but how can anyone possibly rank Harrison behind Chris Carter and Michael Irvin? I’m not really sure how Harrison ranks behind T.O. either. This requires more analysis than I can give it at the moment. We’ll try to get a response article with stats and cogent arguments up before the weekend is up. At first blush though, it seems ridiculous.

In happier news, the Boss is back through 2011. Aside from Manning staying healthy, nothing will go further toward making the Colts competitive than Bill Polian staying in the driver’s seat.

Buster Olney needs to quit playing with my emotions.

Demond Sanders: I’m not sure we should even dignify this garbage journalism with a response, but here goes. I think the second spot is solidly up for grabs between Owens, Moss, and Harrison. Obviously many on the list are tough to compare because of the eras are so different, but certainly Chris Carter is flat out laughable. Irvin played in more or less the same era and his numbers are dwarfed by those of Harrison.

The headline on ESPN is appropriate: Out of sight. I think Marvin’s absence last season has pushed him down at least five spots on this list and maybe more. I think in the end it will come down to how these three guys finish their HOF careers. Marvin is one championship up on both Owens and Moss. Can he get healthy and pad his lead?