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Hey for those who haven’t seen it yet, check out our contribution to Mike Tanier’s Walkthrough piece. We contribute a recap of the Luke as of the Bears game. For those who want even a more thorough look at other aspects of the dome, check out our buddy Paul’s review.
Thanks to Mike Tanier for giving us the chance to contribute.
Sorry about no new posts today. I am leaving for Buenos Aires on Monday, so you won’t be hear much from me for a few days. We are working up Eyes in the Backfield, and that should be up late tonight or tomorrow.
Simmons says something nice about Peyton, then picks the Jags.
The AFC South blog has a couple of good piece including an interview with Gary Brackett and a piece on who the Titans are rooting for this weekend.
Jim Caple names IMS the 7th most important sporting venue in the USA. The NCAA headquarters downtown make 26th. Hinkle is 62nd and Conseco is 66th. Armstrong at IU and Assembly Hall come in at 94 and 95. Throw in Notre Dame Stadium at 18th, and you get 7 of the 100 most important sports venues located in Indiana. Sure, it’s just one man’s opinion, but it’s still pretty cool.