18 Plays…mostly

The 18 Plays podcast is not dead…but it is in a coma. We sat down to record it on Wednesday night, and were depressed to discover that the slow internet connection I have here has made it impossible. It’s really too bad, because this would have been a seriously fun game to talk about. There’s nothing we can do about it until I get a house and real internet, so for now we are going to have to just do write-ups of the 18 Plays. Enjoy the first installment, such as it is.
Merrill Hodge looks at the tape and finds two things wrong with the Colts, and one surprised me. He says Freeney doesn’t look right and isn’t making as many game changing plays. Freeney is making at least one or two HUGE plays a game, but I think his lack of consistent impact has as much to do with the kind of plays teams are running as it does his health. The Colts O isn’t scoring enough to put real pressure on teams to throw. When it does, you’ll see Freeney make even more plays. Hodge’s stat on mental errors by the O-line is right on and at the heart of what’s wrong with the Colts.
Dr Z gets one question right and the other…he just got lazy. He crushes the Manning v Manning debate, but then totally misunderstands the context of the Bill Polian quote. He seems to think Polian wants fewer holding calls. The article made it clear that he wants MORE holding calls. Read the original piece Z, then comment.