Worrying about Freddy

Remember this article by Gregg Easterbrook a few weeks ago? In it, he brings to light the massive problem in the NFL caused by players getting numbing shots to kill the intense pain that their violent and body destroying game causes them. When I read this in the Star this morning, it lept to mind.

Freddy Keiaho’s elbow is dislocated, and he’s questionable for Sunday. The team thinks he’ll play calling it mostly a question of ‘pain management’. Just makes you wonder.

A note on the whole New England cheating scandal: I hope the Pats get whacked by the league, but it gives me little comfort about Sunday’s game. The Jets played a horrible game with bizarre coverage schemes (single coverage on Moss all day) and wussy coaching. NE didn’t win because they cheated. This story is a little Watergatesque. When will people learn that if you are the heavy favorite, cheating will only get you into trouble. Anyway, it wasn’t the first time I’ve heard this about the Pats, so I wasn’t that worked up. Unless the league really kills them (and losing a 4th round pick isn’t enough – they cut all their picks below round 2 this year anyway), they’ll keep doing it. They’re evil. It’s what they do.

Also, Ask Vic got pimpslapped by Marty from Brownsburg:
Marty from Brownsburg, IN: That 375-yard rushing day against the Colts probably seems like a distant memory about now. I guess next you’ll wish you had some piped-in crowd noise for your half-empty stadium this week. Well, at least your cap situation is good. On the bright side, the bottom feeders of the NFC South are coming to town. It should be an easy win for the Jags.
Vic: You Colts fans are such bullies

That made my morning.