Trading Places

The weirdest subplot of this NFL season has to be the complete inversion of personality by the Pats and Colts. The Patriots, long known to play ball control and win tough road games over good teams have decided to air it out and blow out bad teams. The Colts, meanwhile, are grinding it out and doing just enough to win while showing flashes that they can still blow teams out. In the end, they take the W and march along. I half expect Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage to show up at the Dome in November. I’ve never seen two teams totally interchange identities like this while both maintain dominance in the win loss column. This is shaping up to be a really fun season.

Demond Sanders: It’s like everything has gone Vice-Versa. New England has really played Big this season. You might say that they’ve taken a cue from the Colts, you know Like Father, Like Son. Okay I took it too far. Sorry. But you make a great point. This is exactly why Colts fans should look out east and shrug.