The one downside…

Monday, July 2nd marks the day I move out of my apartment here in Buenos Aires, in preparation to return the States soon. The one thing from this apartment I will really miss is my DirecTV. Because neither the NFL nor MLB are popular here, I get great deals on packages that are really expensive in the States. For MLB, I pay 20 pesos a month ($6) and get 4 random MLB games a day, plus a ‘live look-in’ station. For the NFL I get the Sunday Ticket (All the regular season Sunday games) for 50 pesos a season.

That’s right. While most of you have to pay hundreds of dollars a year for the Sunday Ticket, I get it in Argentina for about $18 a season. Doesn’t offset having to miss the parade and rally in the Dome, but it was a nice consolation. I will definitely miss it this season. Although, when I’m watching the Horse live on Monday Night in J-holeville, I’m sure I’ll be glad I’m back home.

clarification: Home is NOT Jacksonville (see the attatched comments). Home in this context means the USA, and NOT Jacksonville. I cannot stress this point enough.

Demond Sanders’ Comments: Ah, daily life in the bustling metropolis of Jacksonville. Sounds about as exciting as sleeping with your socks on.