The best it has ever been played?

Bill Simmons thinks the Patriots are in another stratosphere because they are blowing out team after team. “You haven’t seen football played this well in a long time,” he claims. He goes on to say, “As you might have heard by now, the Patriots are 6-0, they’ve outscored opponents by a 230-92 margin.” Tom Brady threw 22 touchdowns during that span.

Wow Bill, that’s unbelievable!

Unless you are a Colts fan, in which case such a run of excellence is a recent memory. Over six games in 2004 the Colts outscored their opponents by a devastating margin of 225-77. Peyton Manning threw 21 touchdowns in that stretch. The Colts were in the middle of an eight game winning streak. Indianapolis scored forty point or more in four consecutive games. Manning’s play made it easy to forget about the defending champions who were in the middle of their own winning streak.

See what I’m getting at?