Sweet Lou

Lou Pinella is one of my all time favorite managers. He’s responsible for the lone world championship the Reds have had during my lifetime. He’s also hilariously insane. I died a little when he went to the Cubs because I hate them so much.

Today, the Cubs blew a game they had in the bag against Cincy. Up 5-0 with Zambrano on the mound, the Cubs gave up a 6 run inning in rather hilarious fashion, walking in both the tying and go-ahead runs. What made this game so enjoyable is Lou’s hilarious meltdown during the post game interviews. Bear in mind, this is a man who recently coached the Devil Rays, and already 2 weeks into the season, he’s flipping out over a team that hasn’t won jack squat in nearly 100 years. Claaaaaasic. Do yourself a favor and check out:


Make sure you watch past the highlights and wait for his speech. It made my day.