Sexy Texans

This has been a light blogging week for several reasons. DZ has been all over the country doing whatever it is he does. I’ve had a terrible week at work. But the biggest reason is that it is really hard to get geared up for a Houston Texans game. I’m sorry, but it just is. No one in the NFL dislikes, hates, or even respects this team. They generate no emotions of any kind. Unless you consider “They’re near Dallas and I hate Dallas” a valid emotion. Nothing against the Texans, it is just who they are right now.

To prove my point go to the Texans official website and click around for a minute. They have lots of important Texans trivia like “Did you know Houston is 4-1 all-time when the temperature dips below 50 degrees?” Well geez, too bad YOU PLAY IN HOUSTON.

They also have a timeline feature on their site: This date in Texans history. The one for yesterday was something like “On September 19th, 2005 the Texans fired their Offensive Coordinator and replaced him with their Quarterbacks Coach.” Houston Texans: Catch the fever!