Running Thoughts on the Titans Game

1.) Big 3rd down conversion on the first series for VY. This could get bad. Really, really bad. The backup LBs are terrible. Luckily, Bob Sanders is making every tackle. It’s kind of awesome to watch.
2.) Easy like Sunday morning. Great drive. Peyton and Marvin makes them pay for going for it. You can’t miss extra points in the NFL. Special teams look awful thus far.
3.) Big first down from Utecht. Great to see him make an impact.
4.) Dallas Clark has two drops and a fumble recovery so far. Fisher challenges Anthony Gonzalez’s first career catch. TERRIBLE CALL. No way that should have been overturned, but at least it wasn’t picked off. The referees don’t seem to understand the system and fail to implement it with any consistency.
5.) That was a huge swing as the Titans hit the long ball after Vince Young gets ALL DAY to throw. Colts force a field goal. Big stop.
6.) Woaa TOUCHDOWN DALLAS CLARK!! Just when I think you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this. . . and totally redeem yourself!
7.) A great start for the Colts, but remember they were up 14-0 in last year’s game.
8.) Bob Sanders whiffs on VY as the QB takes it for a huge conversion. Sanders blows up the next play to make up for it.
9.) Titans are driving. VY is a tough SOB to play against. Someone needs to make a play and make this game a whole lot easier. Young drives them to the 20 and misses a WIDE OPEN receiver that would have been a big gain. Third Down: Vince Young throws to no one. Titans wanted a flag, but they already got their huge break of the half. There’s a limit on those things, you know. FG.
10.) Three and Out. Colts stop VY thanks to a MORONIC taunting penalty on said quarterback. Colts start at the fifteen yard line and the next 8 plays are pure Manning magic. Seriously, WHAT PLANET IS HE FROM? 16-6 at the half.
11.) Nice drive to start the half. Field Goal. Titans get the clutch sack on Manning. Their D is aggressive and they know how to create pressure. 19-6, Colts.
12.) Titans are forced to punt after an excellent defensive stand at the Colts 40 yard line. Downed at the 1. The game could swing either way as a result of this Colts drive. Even one first down would be a victory.
13.) I’m all too prophetic as Dallas Clark short arms a big gain, and Manning is intercepted on the ensuing play. Reggie Wayne was knocked off his route. BIG, BIG SWING.
14.) And now that extra point looms large. It’s a dog fight from here out.
15.) Can the Colts run the ball down by the goal? Please. Man up and RUN IT. FG attempt gets tipped and Vinatieri wishes it through. 22-13 Colts.
16.) Unreal. The Colts get the big turnover and Vinatieri shanks a HUGE field goal. .
17.) Two minute warning. The Colts hold on to a 2 point lead at the Titans 30. Incompletion to Marvin on first down. RUN THE BALL. OOOH. Peyton underthrows a sure score to Marvin. Nick Harper has been triple lucky this afternoon. Manning gets sacked. Titans will get the ball at the 20 with 1 timeout.
18.) Colts WIN. WOW. Check your pulse.

Deshawn Zombie’s Comments: I suppose I should be happy about this game for the following reasons:

  • We won a key ‘swing’ game that we lost last year.
  • It was on the road against a run heavy team.
  • The Colts played without 2 starting LBs.

But I’m not happy. That game should have been a blowout. We’ll break it all down on 18 Plays, but here are my thoughts so far about the day in general:

1. Bob Sanders is a zombie. A flesh eating zombie.
2. The Colts dared Young to throw, and he did well. I’m shocked. But notice that they lost. He played like dog crap last week, and they won. QB isn’t everything.
3. Tim Jennings is a horrible CB and can’t figure out where the goal line is on punts.
4. The Bengals have the worst defense. EVER.
5. The Jags are horrible. 23 points in 2 games after cutting the QB? Fire Mad Jack.
6. Denver has won 2 games by the closest imaginable margins.
7. The AFC South is 6-2. Ouch. Today’s win was a big one.