Roger Goodell to ban Patriots from NFL

Based upon the reaction from NFL fans as well as the national media you might expect to see the above headline in tomorrow’s newspaper. Personally I’m not happy about the allegations, and I don’t condone cheating. Am I surprised about it? No, because I’ve heard the rumors about this type of surveillance before. Do I think the Pats should lose a second round draft pick in 2008? Yeah, probably. Go ahead and suspend the coach for a week while you’re at it.

Still, I think everyone is way overreacting. In a disturbing turn of events, I found myself agreeing with Patriot-Superfans Bill Simmons and Aaron Schatz in their recent discussion of the scandal. In the end, unless more evidence is turns up I think I’ll file this under the “Of course they cheated, they are evil people, but oh well, we’ve beaten them three straight times so I guess the videotape doesn’t help that much” file.

And just to clarify, no, I don’t agree with Simmons about the Pats going 16-0. After all they still have to play at the dome where the thunderous din is created by speakers and not the 55,000 people screaming at the top of their lungs.