Regrets and recriminations

Just got back from the game. Here are a few thoughts, some of them rage-filled and non-sensical:

1.) Congratulations to the Patriots for winning. They played about as well as I expected. They may very well go 16-0.

2.) Peyton Manning is better than Tom Brady.

3.) The Colts choked as a team today. Up 10 in the fourth quarter and they can’t close it out. That’s the definition of a choke job. I’m sorry, but it is.

4.) The Colts played well today. The game went down much the way I predicted in my post below. Joseph Addai is amazing. Manning played well, despite being down two receivers and his all important Left Tackle. The defense really impressed me, unfortunately they couldn’t seal the deal.

5.) It’s really boring to say, but field position cost the Colts huge today. Well, that and poor play by the O-line in the second half. And a completely unbelievable dropped ball by Reggie Wayne. Okay, there are a few things to blame.

6.) The Colts will play in Foxborough in January. That’s what is so frustrating about this loss. All week I’ve been saying to myself and others that this game wasn’t that important. And in many ways it wasn’t. It certainly proved nothing about who the best team is. But because of the Pats joke of a schedule it absolutely means the Colts will not get the 1 seed. That’s the legacy of this game. That’s what will be so depressing to all of us for the rest of the regular season.

7.) Let the Marvin Harrison vigil begin.

8.) The Colts need to beat San Diego next week and do everything possible to forget this game ever happened. Play them one at a time and if the Colts are lucky they’ll take the field on January 21st, 2008 at Gilette Stadium.

9.) They’ll beat them next time.