This post will serve as a clearing house for any links I find throughout the day, but I’m not expecting there to be many. Most of the coverage is of the Pats/Steelers game. I do think everyone should read Kravitz’s piece from yesterday’s Star. It’s probably his best work since he came to Indy. Demond and I have discussed the concept that this is the golden age many times. Watching these Colts must be what it was like to be a Reds fan in the 70s. It’s a special thing that comes around once in a great long while. I’m not taking it for granted.

Other thoughts:

  • If it seems like we spend a lot of time discussing the Patriots around here, it’s because there are only three relevant teams in the NFL right now. There are the Pats and Colts, and then there is Dallas, who is only relevant because they will be playing in the Super Bowl. We fully recognize, and have said for weeks, that this season will be about the Colts/Pats game in January. I haven’t thought Pittsburgh was very good all year (do they have an impressive win?). I think the Jags secondary is far too weak to slow the Pats (unless the weather is bad). Of course we talk about the Pats-do you think we are supposed to take the Ravens, Raiders and Texans seriously?
  • I know everyone thinks the sky is falling on the special teams, but here’s the point I’ve been making all year: if the 2006 team could overcome the HORRIBLE game the special teams played against the Pats AND a game opening kickoff return against the Bears, what are the odds that they’ll play worse than that? We’ve already won the games that the special teams should have lost for us. Yeah, Rocky Boiman’s inability to STAY HOME AND NOT OVERPURSUE is driving me nuts, but I just don’t think they’ll cost us.
  • Mark Schlereth of ESPN discounted the Colts’ game against the Pats because they had Dwight Freeney healthy, but won’t have him in the rematch. But they also DIDN’T have Harrison, Ugoh, Keiaho, Hagler, and AG (for half the game-and he was hurt when he did play). I love Freeney, but I’d take those 5 over just him any day.
  • If you had told me 6 months ago that 13 weeks in, the Colts would have lost two games by 6 total points, and in those two games they would have dropped 3 touchdown passes and missed 3 field goals, I’d feel pretty good about things. And guess what? I feel pretty good about things. NE fans can call us jealous, but honestly, I would rather be 11-2 than 13-0 right now, and I’d rather play NE outside in the elements than in the dome. We’ve done the undefeated thing, and it’s exhausting. I’m pretty pleased with where this team is sitting.
  • Manning is having a huge year. He gaveth and tooketh away during the San Diego game, but other than that he has been tremendous. He has gotten hit more this year than any in recent memory, but has kept this team pointed in the right direction. The last two games (against teams that can play the run) have been vintage. Doesn’t it feel weird that he already passed Elway in TD passes? How is that possible?