Parcells is an idiot

In a weird article about Mangini breaking the coaches code of silence by turning in Belichick, Peter King notes that Mangini signed a player that the Pats wanted to keep and writes:

By contrast, here’s what then Cowboys coach Bill Parcells, who needed a kicker, did that same off-season. Though the Pats’ Adam Vinatieri, one of the best of all time, was a free agent, Parcells let it be known that he wouldn’t touch the kicker. Why? Vinatieri was Belichick’s player, and Belichick had been a defensive assistant and coordinator under Parcells.

Oh, nice one Bill. That sounds like collusion to me. I can’t possibly understand what would possess him to not sign a player that the Pats were screwing. He wound up with Vandy (who he subsequently cut), and the Pats worst rival wound up with AV and a ring. Smoooooooth job, Billy. If the Pats had been willing to pay Vinatieri, he wouldn’t‘ have left. Instead, Parcells essentially agreed not to compete for him. That’s illegal, Bill. He was fixing the market in favor of another team. Glad it worked out so well for him.

Also, Whitlock has some interesting things to say this week. His point on Vince Young costing the Titans that game with his penalty was right on. He also had great points on the Chiefs GM and on Norv Turner.

I also hate myself for forgetting to post this yesterday. Not only is it a great little story and well written, but it totally shows the value of Phil B. Wilson’s excellent blog. Scroll to the entry called, “Shut your Yapper“. My favorite quote is by Zombie Bob:

As if defenders don’t have enough reason to take his head off already, Young provides trash-talking ammunition. Hell, he throws grenades at his tormentors. He did that on Sunday against the Colts. I knew the second-year pro had some growing up to do, but here’s a bit of advice from someone I wouldn’t want to trash talk. “That’s how people get hurt,” said Colts safety Bob Sanders. “We’re after you. You know what I’m saying? I told him, ‘If I was you, I’d be quiet.’

He then added…Mmmmm, brains. Delicious brains!