Our long local nightmare is over

If a WNBA team falls and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Of course it does, because the media will invariably cover it regardless of the fact that no one cares. I would love to just go about not caring about the WNBA, but apparently, ESPN, the Star, and the NBA want to make sure that it’s around to annoy me. Demond and I were discussing whether Indianapolis would have a parade for them if they won. I’m really glad we don’t have to find out, because I’m afraid of what the answer would be. You may ask why I would be opposed to a parade. The answer:

Because the Indianapolis Indians wouldn’t get one if they won the AAA Championship.

Ask yourself who gets more play in the media? The Indians or the Fever? Who has a deal on FSN? Whose games are on WIBC? Who’s scores are on the ESPN ticker? Now, if the Fever merited such coverage, it would be one thing, but check out these attendance figures: for the Fever’s much anticipated home playoff game against arch-rival Detroit, the attendance was 9,623. For the Indianapolis Indians meaningless season finale against Louisville, the attendance was 14,563. One of these games was covered on SportsCenter. One wasn’t. Why?

The Indiana Fever averaged roughly 7200 fans a night.

The Indianapolis Indians averaged roughly 8300.

I don’t care about the WNBA, but could live in peace with it if it would leave me alone. Instead, I have to wait for highlights of baseball games to see highlights of a league that loses money and is less popular than AAA baseball.

If the Indians wouldn’t get a parade, then neither should the Fever. Let’s not make this a simplistic gender bashing thing. I heartily support NCAA women’s basketball. It gets crowds and merits attention. Media coverage is tough to come by and ought to be earned. The WNBA hasn’t earned anything. It’s been given a prominent position in the media, one it hasn’t earned, and has squandered it by still not being profitable after more than 10 years. I’m sick of it. I’m really glad they lost. Now I won’t have to hear about them anymore.

Demond Sanders’ Comments: I just want to take this time to send my sympathies to the city of Detroit. While I still despise you and your beloved Pistons, I must admit a little of the angst has worn off as I watch your city dive deeper and deeper into sporting irrelevance.