Opening Day Running Thoughts

1. Monte Reagor just sacked Brett Favre.

2. The Jets’ Defense and Special Teams are crap. Brady has had all day to throw. Well, not literally all day, just like twelve seconds per dropback. Pathetic effort from Mangini’s boys.

3. It’s 21-7 on the strength of Ellis Hobbs of the Pats returning the opening kickoff of the half back for a score. This game is going to be a 30 point blowout now that Pennington is gone.

4. Bomb to Randy Moss. The rout is on. The Pats O-Line won this game for New England. The Jets actually haven’t looked bad on offense. They been able to move the ball with ease.

5. I buried the J-E-T-S too soon. Pennington gets taped up, and re-enters the game. The Jets knife down the field for a score. Pennington is having a solid day. He needs a defensive score to help his cause.

6. The Jags trail the Titans in the fourth quarter. That team is in trouble. Things may implode in the J-Hole if they don’t pull this one out. Neither team has played particularly well on offense. In other words, it is a typical matchup for the Jags and Titans. If there is a storyline it has to be the emergence of Chris Brown as a capable replacement for Travis Henry. David Garrard started off hot, but has cooled off.

7. The Pats are going in for the kill. This is a replay of the playoff matchup last year: a close-ish game that was broken open in the second half. The Jets front seven is crap. Brady is painting his nails waiting for receivers to come free. That is to say his pocket is hermetically sealed. This was Varsity versus JV today.

8. The Pats roll. They will dominate the AFC East for the umpteenth year in a row. On a brighter note the Titans convert a third and one and run out the clock in victory. To quote Deshawn Zombie “goodbye mad jack!” Vince Young throws for 78 yards, but Tennessee rushes for nearly 300 yards in a 13-10 victory. Some things never change in north Florida. In the “What was Jack thinking?” move of the day, the Jags rushed Taylor and Jones-Drew only 13 times in a close, physical ballgame. Sometimes Del Rio surprises even me.

Deshawn Zombie comments:
1. Mangini punted on 4th and 1 twice from the 40. Moss was devastating in that game but I have two questions: 1. why was he not ever double covered and 2. shouldn’t he ought to get open if Brady has 5+ secs to throw?

2. Matt Jones has terrible hands. He dropped a sure TD for the Jags that cost them the game. They settled for 3, and lost by 3.

3. Maroney looked terrible for the Pats. That line was dominating the Jets, the backup Morris was popping off 5 yards a rush, and Maroney was stuck in neutral. Not a good sign for the Pats against a good team, like say, the Chargers next week.

4. The Titans entire offense is misdirection runs. It’s like they built themselves just to beat the Colts. Next week’s game will be a great test.

5. Denver rushed it’s FG team on the field with 10 secs to play and the clock running. I’ve never seen anything quite so cool.

6. The Bears dared Phil Rivers to beat them. He really wasn’t capable of it. Fortunately for the Chargers, they heavily buttered all of the game balls before kickoff.

7. The NY Giants have a lot of problems. Quarterback is not one of them.