No Gimme

Just think: if the Colts played the teams on this year’s September schedule two years ago it would have been an easy time. New Orleans, Tennessee, and Houston back to back to back. Chalk it up. We would have called it the Bye Month. They’ve had a few of those in the past years.

Opening with easy teams has helped the team get into a groove and is a big part of why they started so hot the last two years. Not so this year. This year each of those teams rank as legitimate tests for the Blue. None more so than today’s game at Tennessee.

It’s always dangerous to look ahead, but victories in these next two games has the possibility of giving the Colts as large as a two game lead over each team in the AFC South. Wishful thinking? Maybe. But check the schedule: Houston, Jacksonville, and Tennessee each have a tough road game in the next two weeks (@Carolina, @Denver, and @New Orleans respectively). With the Jags already down one in the loss column, taking care of business against the Titans and Texans could be huge. These are games the Colts lost last season.

They’ll get it done today in tough fashion: Colts 27, Titans 23

Update: DZ just called and with some certainty informed me that Rob Morris won’t play in addition to Keiaho’s absence. I’m not going to change my prediction except to say this: Expect touchdowns.