My old man rant of the day

When did I turn 60? The world is moving too freaking fast for me. By nature, I abhor hype. I realize that this works against my role as a blogger, in which I’m supposed to yell and bluster and rant and get all worked up over whatever. But by my nature, I get worn out when people start to get shrill. So now, I’m trying to write up my Jacksonville experience, still have to get 18 Plays out for this week, and come up with Eyes in the backfield for Friday, but the joke is…



Good Lord, people, can’t we even just take care of the immediate crisis of playing a 4-2 team on the road 6 days after a physical game against Jacksonville? I swear my eye is twitching from the media coverage of Nov 4. Honestly, I’ve stopped even caring about who’s better between Manning and Brady. Some of you older readers can help me out, but I don’t remember these kinds of debates during the 80s and 90s when there was Montana, Elway, and Marino, and later Favre, Aikman and Young. Geeze, now those are great arguments, and maybe that’s why they didn’t happen with the same intensity, there were too many candidates. Or had we all just decided it was Joe Montana? Today, we have two real QBs and two real teams. With McNabb and Palmer struggling, there is no one even close to the Brady/Manning stratosphere.

All the hype might just kill me.

I’ll have our recap of the weekend posted on 18t088 later today. 18 Plays will occur when Demond and I have time (maybe tomorrow night??). I’m really enjoying the emails and comments on the blog. They keep us working hard and having fun. Thanks.

Demond Sanders: By my count this is the seventh monster game between these teams (depending on if you count the regular season game of 2003 which took place before the teams were rivals). You know it is bad when even the fans of the teams involved are bored by the amount of coverage. The media should do us a favor and restrict it to the week leading up to the game. They won’t, of course.