Maybe this game really will be Manning vs. the Chargers

If the injury report is to be believed, and it has been pretty accurate all season, the Colts will barely be able to field a team this week against San Diego. Phil B. runs them down in his blog, but it looks now like the team might be down Clark and Ugoh as well as the on going saga of Marvin Harrison. The Colts are also having trouble finding a warm body to play at linebacker, with the top 4 LBs hobbled by this injury or that. All this continues to emphasize the importance of continuing to win and lock up the two seed. Having an extra week off to get everyone healthy will be crucial come playoff time.

Until further notice, the number 1996 is banned from our blog (Scroll down to #6 and throw some salt over your left shoulder).

Also, check out this interesting exercise in ‘redrafting’. The Colts original choices are both off the board (anyone still think of Tony Ugoh as a reach?) by the time they pick.

Mike Tanier of FO has an interesting point to make about two teams coming off losses but headed in opposite directions.