Making the rounds

Bits and pieces from the web this morning…

CHFF had a cute line about Jason David:
An interesting tidbit from an Associated Press report: Jason David was the first player since the NFL-AFL merger in 1970 to score a defensive touchdown in Week 1 against the team he played for in the previous season. Unofficially, he was also the only player to do that, then sit in the parking lot crying after the game. …

Peter King observed:
The NFC stinks. I’ll go out on a limb and say the two teams picked most often to be the NFC’s rep in the Super Bowl next February were New Orleans and Chicago, who, coincidentally, both met AFC powers this weekend. The Saints had the ball 12 times in Indianapolis and scored zero offensive touchdowns. The Bears had the ball 11 times in San Diego and scored zero offensive touchdowns.

He also named Freddy Keiaho co-defensive player of the week.
He also listed a stat saying that the Colts were in great cap shape. Take this with a grain of salt. I’ve learned over the years that no one seems to have any idea what a team’s true cap number is. Polian always laughs at the numbers reporters throw out. King had several other Colts related items to check out.

I love the Footballoutsiders Audibles at the Line commentary about each game. Here’s a couple of good comments:
Aaron Schatz: Next week will be National Jump to Conclusions Week, and I hate to participate. Everybody always completely overreacts to the first week of the season. That being said, from this game it certainly looks like the Indianapolis defense will be better this year, and Freddy Keiaho looks like the reason. It’s the kind of thing our projection systems just can’t pick up.

See this is why I like FO. They have no problem acknowledging their system has flaws and that good scouting and watching games can’t be replaced. They have a rule about not jimmying with the numbers, but rather showing their weaknesses with good commentary. I also liked:
Ned Macey: I want to amend my answer to the dumbest off-season story for the 2007 Season Predictions. My new pick would be that the Colts “lost” things on defense. An idiot on local sports talk was listing the players the Colts lost today (including Corey Simon, who didn’t play). Not that sports talk should be taken seriously, but all the departed players signed for midrange to poor contracts. They did not “lose” anybody.
I do feel bad for Jason David today, but after leaving a terrible LCB on an island too much last year, is it excusable that New Orleans let David get stuck in single coverage three separate times? They presumably had someone deep most of the first half, since Wayne did nothing. The TD to Harrison had the safety biting to help on the underneath route.

Hey! Someone else picked up on our AIASAT question! Ned is from Indy and picked the Colts for the Super Bowl. He’s also responsible for getting the Star Wars predictions some play. Thanks man!

One more great line about the Pats/Jets game:
Tom Brady looks like he is able to crochet his son a new baby blanket before making a throw.

Finally, an Ask Vic reader realizes that they have to just STHU about last year’s 375 on the Colts. I’m so freaking glad. They way Jags fans talk about that game, you’d think they actually made the playoffs.

Coming this week on The podcast should be up late tonight, and lots of talk about our favorite coach not named Dungy: Jeff Fischer. He’s built an offense entirely designed to beat the Colts. This should be a great game.