Longest of Long Shots

The capable Len Pasquarelli penned a nice story about undrafted Penn State Defensive Tackle, Ed Johnson. Character issues killed his draftability, but Johnson has persevered and is starting for the defending world champs. Maybe this says more about the Colts depth, but it is still pretty cool how it has worked out.

Speaking of defensive depth (or lack thereof), the Colts are considering holding Freddy Keiaho out of Sunday’s Titanic matchup. Tyjuan Hagler, come on down. Degenerate gamblers everywhere just made a call and took the 7 points. Seriously though, don’t be afraid. I have an unnatural and completely baseless confidence in Hagler, rooted solely in his fumble recovery in the Super Bowl. Even more unnerving is the reported rib injury to Rob “they named a college after me” Morris. Rocky Boiman, come on down. Okay, now you have permission to be afraid.

Deshawn Zombie’s Comments: It’s dawning on me what a huge test this Sunday is. With the Jags hilariously imploding, the Titans loom as the second best team in the South. I know that none of us really take them seriously, and I realize that last years loss to them was one of the flukiest games ever (60 yard FG? Stokely dropping a key first down?), but a win this Sunday on the road against a team philosophically designed to beat you with the run while two of your three LBs are hurting would go a long way to establishing this team as virtually unbeatable by the rank and file of the NFL. Ed Johnson (as we noted in Eyes in the Backfield) has a chance to be real difference maker this week.

My prediction? Colts 27 Titans 10.