Lazy Sunday

I wanted to bang this out using stolen WiFi to comment on a few things from the weekend. Then, I’ll go back to enjoying the holiday festivities…

1. Keith is the man to back up Addai. I think we all know that. He provided a spark when he played and generally looked better than Dorsey. I even drafted him in the draft with my very last pick. I figured, it’s a bench slot, and who knows? Because of the way the league works, I’ll probably have to cut him soon anyway. There are rumors that the Colts might try and sign a castoff back from another team. Somehow I doubt this. I doesn’t sound like the way Polian operates.

2. The draft was fun. Thanks to the guys who showed up. As for the genius who took Tom Brady in the second round. . . well, you get what’s coming to you. For the uninitiated, Jags and Pats are not playable in our league. You also can’t play anyone facing the Colts. Hence, I had to draft a second QB to cover for Drew Brees this week. We’ll be posting the official standings on each week.

3. Bob Kravitz printed our letter about Bill Polian in his Q and A column.

4. How amazing was the radio call from Appalachian State after the blocked kick? Michigan used to be on my A list of hated teams during the Fab 5 days, now they’ve slid to the B list due to how often I need them to beat OSU. Here’s that list btw:

“A” List of teams I hate
Ohio State
Any team from Cleveland (Indians worst of all, followed by the Browns and Cavs)
New England Patriots
Jacksonville Jaguars
Atlanta Braves
Chicago Cubs
Detroit Pistons

“B” List
New York Knicks
Dallas Cowboys
Pittsburgh Steelers

5. I plug Phil B. all the time, but you really have to compare his game blogs (scroll down a bit) to those of Jags weirdo Vic. Phil constantly shows how to blog a game. Nice job again man. I couldn’t find a link to one of Vic’s blogs right now.

6. The fact that the Jags cut Leftwich is as hilarious as the fact that they are not starting him. That franchise is a walking punchline. Prisco had a decent chronicle of exactly how shoddy the whole decision making process has been in Jacksonville. But hey, that’s what you get when you leave your franchise in the hands of this man:

7. Now you all see the real reason we feel the Pats have jumped the shark. THEY ARE OLD. Harrison uses steroids to recover from an injury. Seymour is out six weeks. On defense, where they built their dynasty, they are old. They were the fourth best team in the AFC last year, and have only gotten older. I think they have one more run in them this year, but they will drop off the cliff next year. Whereas the Colts keep getting younger by letting guys go, the Pats get older. The Pats kept only two players from their 2007 draft. Don’t let people fool you into saying how great the Patriots draft. It just isn’t so.

8. ESPN’s John Clayton has several Colts game in his 10 pivotal matchups this year. The Pats game is #1, the Ravens’ game is #5, and the road trip destination game, Jacksonville is #10.

9. The lukewarm, flaccid, opiners at have managed to outdo themselves. Not only did they praise the benching of Leftwhich, a move which was CRUSHED by the smarter guys on (make sure you read the comments), but now they have predicted the Jholes to win the AFC South. Whew, now I can breathe easy. A division title has rarely been more assured. Honestly, comparing FO to CHFF is like comparing the Colts to the Browns. One is championship caliber and classy; the other is the color and consistency of poop. FO had the Jags up and the Colts down too, but that was pre-Gerrard. They also show the humility to temper their rankings with better qualifying commentary.