Knowing what you’re talking about…

is nice in life.

Why the Star article didn’t even speculate on this angle to the Simon story, I’m not sure. I admit that there isn’t any mention of the Simon thing in this article, but my guess this morning was the two stories are connected; I said as much then, and I’m sticking too it.

Freeney’s contract was the right thing to do for the team both on and off the field. Freeney handled himself like a gentleman and a true pro during the entire process. You have to reward guys who handle negotiations right. If you don’t, you can’t complain when guys act the fool and negotiate in the press, skip functions, and hold out.

Nice job, Mrrs. Polian and Irsay. Congrats Mr. Freeney. Now let’s win this damn thing again.

UPDATE: For cap ramifications and the the Simon connection, check out John Clayton:

UPDATE 2: Apparently I’m not really smart at all. Just lucky for no real reason. The Star had it wrong (at least I’m in good company). Simon has not been activated, and there is no change in his status. Crap. I was feeling good about myself too.