Just can’t get it done

I finally made it back to Indy today, only to find that leaving my dad in charge of Tivoing the game Monday was fruitless. Anyway, there won’t be a podcast this week, it’s just too late in the week, and we don’t even have a tape of the game. We’ll come back this Tuesday with the Panthers game.

As a consolation, here are some more links:
Whitlock is still begging for Jeff George, and more interestingly, insinuates that the ex-QBs are getting sick of the ESPN hype. I’ve noticed this as well.

John Clayton talks traps.

John D comes through again with a couple of nice reads:
QB skill? Nah, pick ‘em on face value.

Not everybody thinks that QBs are the end all and be all.

I also went and posted the Trip to the Hole article on a Jags message board. We’ll see how that goes.