Introducing 18 Questions

Today we unveil our newest (hopefully) recurring article, 18 Questions. Each week or so, we hope to do an interview with a member of the local sports scene. Our first volunteer (re: victim) is local radio host Greg Rakestraw of ESPN 950. He hosts the Sports Desk show with great aplomb, and was kind enough to donate a few minutes of his time. Check out his thoughts on our gauntlet of questions:

We are currently ‘efforting’ future guests for 18 Questions as well as trying to come up with more great regular features for the main page.

Demond Sanders’ Comments: You might be thinking “why should I bother to read this interview?” and if so, then you’re a jerk, but let me tell you the answer anyway: Rakestraw is the co-host of the REGGIE WAYNE SHOW. That’s right. He gets to spend an hour a week with the affable #87, Reggie Wayne.