Indy bids to host Super Bowl or Hell called, you have no chance there!

According to the AP, Indy is preparing to submit its bid for the 2011 Super Bowl.

I love Indianapolis and think that it would be a great host for the big game. But if you read closely, you can see why the Circle City has little to no chance to get the game.

“The strongest competition is expected to come from Dallas, which is scheduled to open a new stadium in 2009 that has a capacity to seat up to 100,000 fans.”

Folks, that stadium is a privately funded endeavor owned by Jerry Jones one of the most powerful owners in the league. At a time when the league is fighting over revenue sharing, don’t you think they will use this to help leverage JJ a bit?

Indy has a great history of hosting big events, but like with the RNC a few years back, having a great rep and a stellar bid isn’t always enough. Granted, Indy hosts the combine every year, so all the up and ups should have a good sense for what a sweet downtown it is, but again, I’ll believe when I see it.