In his orbit

All fuss over Eli Manning has me wondering what are the real ‘spheres’ for NFL QB talent right now? I’m not going to rank the QBs exactly, but rather put them into groups based on where I think they belong right now (without too much thought for their career numbers):

Gold Standard and friends:
Manning, Brady, Romo, Favre

I’d go to war with them anytime:
Rothlesberger, Hassleback, McNabb (healthy)

Catch them on the right day and they’ll kill you:
Palmer, Garrard, Brees, Bulger (when healthy)

They make me nervous, but you can win with them:
Eli Manning, Phil Rivers, Kurt Warner, Vince Young

Seat warmers:
Kitna, Garcia, Derek Anderson

Too little data to know:
Jason Campbell, Alex Smith, Kellen Clemens, Schuab, Cutler, Croyel, Jackson

Crap on a stick,
JP Losman, John Beck, Harrington, Vinnie, Boller, anyone starting for the Raiders, Grossman

I’m just doing this off the top of my head, and am willing to hear arguments. I think these grouping are pretty fluid. I’d be willing to hear arguments that Eli should actually be bumped up a grouping. I’m just not convinced that the Giants are really any good. Some of those picks are bad, but many of them are due to either wrong or just lazy route running. I’d like to see how he’d do on a team that cared.