Important Announcement

Okay, I’m using the word “important” loosely, but I wanted to let everyone know that I will no longer be reading or commenting on Bill Simmon’s weekly NFL Picks column.

I had softened on Simmons over the course of the last year. You see, all Colts fans were waiting for the day when Simmons would have to write his “I was wrong. I’m a huge loser and Peyton Manning CAN win the big game” column. Of course, he was forced to write the column in January and it was everything we dreamed it would be. Simmons and his fanaticism couldn’t bother us anymore.

But I’m back to my original stance on Simmons: The guy’s an idiot. Enjoy your weekend and remember that we’re all blessed to be watching the “greatest team in 15 years,” the New England Patriots.

I’m sorry if I’m turning this blog into another I Hate the New England Patriots, but let’s face it you can’t ever have too many of those.