I go, Ugoh

Make sure to check out the excellent article in the FO’s Every Play Counts series breaking down every block that Tony Ugoh made last week. Ugoh is a glass half full/half empty kind of player. He has played extremely well for a rookie, but he isn’t Tarik Glenn. This piece does a nice job pointing out his strengths (run blocking) and his weaknesses (the bull rush). I have a feeling that nothing was said here that Howard Mudd hasn’t already seen and is addressing.

And not to disagree with MDS, but I also was at the game and then broke down the tape. While I did see the Colts line up help to Ugoh’s side on several plays, the TE often went out into the pattern. There were a couple of plays when the Colts had Wayne, Harrison, Gonzalez, Clark AND Addai running routes. It seemed to me on those plays (I’m thinking specifically of the overthrow to Gonzalez which was Tony’s worst play) that Addai was running a short screen route over Ugoh just in case that Manning needed to check down quickly in the even that Ugoh got beat. I think that Ugoh played well, not perfect, but very well for a rookie, and given Howard Mudd’s track record, the Colts will be fine. Sorry, wishful thinkers.