Greatest. Article. Ever…and a lot of other stuff

Want to have some fun today? Check out this gem on Zombie Bob Sanders. I had gone back and forth on Bob, wondering if the Colts could actually resign him to a huge deal when he is such a huge injury risk. The answer is obvious. They can’t afford not to resign him. If he finishes this year healthy, possibly the best option would be to franchise him for a year. Something tells me they are more likely to do that with Clark, and try to sign Sanders. He’s a freaking beast.

This week has me thinking about the passage in “Quiet Strength” where Dungy had to prepare his Bucs to play the 99 Rams. All the pregame talk by the Colts has me thinking they are using the same emotional strategy…be a tornado vs. a hurricane. Somewhere, Belichick is standing on a hill outside Foxborough shouting, “DUNGY! YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD! I READ YOUR BOOOOOOOOOOK!” Oh, for the record, the Bucs had that game won, until they got jobbed by the refs. I’m starting to wonder if this game doesn’t end with Wes Welker getting carted off the field after going over the middle against a team that actually hits.