Great stuff from the Star

I’ve stopped linking so much stuff from the IndyStar, not because it isn’t good, but just because I figure you all read it already. There were a couple of nice bits and pieces this today though:

In an article about speed, it was eventually conceded that #88 is probably still the fastest Colt:

Marvin,” Jackson said. “He’s probably the fastest guy on the team. Still. Thirty-five years old and he’s still the fastest guy on the team.”
No one has caught wide receiver Marvin Harrison 123 times. That’s how many touchdowns he has scored, a total that’s eighth on the NFL’s career list. He is not one to waste words. When the subject of 40 times came up a couple of years ago, he waved it aside.
“Speed,” Harrison said, “has never been my problem.”
As proud as Rushing is of his 4.25s, he knows the 40 is of no consequence to Harrison.
“As far as Peyton throws it,” Rushing said, “that’s how fast he is.”

Michael Boulware of the Texans said about this Sunday’s game:Right now, (Sunday) is our Super Bowl. It’s a huge game for this organization.”

We called that one.

In the interest of fairness, here’s a couple of good articles from some of our normal whipping boys:

Kravitz‘ column on Ed Johnson is very much worth reading.

Cold Hard Football Facts says that parity is dead. They are both right and wrong. They are right because contrary to popular belief the dynasty is alive. They are right that the same big four have run the league for 10 years now: The Patriots, Colts, Steelers and Broncos. They are shorting parity a tad, however. While teams can’t come from no where to win it all, they can go from bad to good very quickly. Teams that win 4 or 5 games one year can make the playoffs the next. This kind of parity is important. Fans need to know that with some good decisions, their team might be in the hunt quickly (even if the Big Four will crush them come playoff time). All in all though, their assertion is correct. The Dynasty still lives. We’ve already had one this decade, and a couple of more titles for the Colts over the next 5 years would set up a second.