Gary Brackett on the road to being a Classic Colt

Most Colt fans are aware of Gary Brackett’s amazing and painful NFL journey. They know about his tough personal losses en route to a Probowl in 2005 and a ring in 2006. He’s been the Colts defensive captain for the last couple of years, and wears the patch with pride. He’s also a great quote:

Gary Brackett, the Colts middle linebacker and signal caller, laughed at the idea of somebody stealing his team’s defensive signals. “We do so little on defense, everybody knows what we’re doing anyway,” he said, referring to the vanilla nature of the cover-2. “It’s one thing to know what we’re doing; it’s another thing to stop it.”

Brackett paused. “(Current Saint and former Colt) Jason David knew some of the things we did on offense, and he practiced against Marvin (Harrison) and Reggie (Wayne),” he said. “Now ask Jason how that worked out for him.”

That’s some funny stuff from Bob Kravitz today.

One more thought on the recent scandal: I’m glad they didn’t make Belichick a martyr. By firmly punishing him, but not killing him, pubic opinion will stay firmly against the Pats. Honestly, I’m not worried about them. This franchise has jumped the shark in a big way. Signing big F/A, trading for Moss, cutting almost their whole draft, a cheating scandal? This team is slipping, and they know it. 5 years from now they’ll see this as the last hurrah for the Pats and every NE fan will know that the dynasty really died in Marlin Jackson’s arms last January.