Excuses, Excuses

Before I get to the hilarity that is the Jags postgame comments, let’s start by congratulating the Hoosiers for the their bid to the Insight Bowl. A New Year’s Eve game isn’t bad for team that barely won a meaningful game all year. So now there is yet one more reason to subscribe to the NFL Network. I suppose OSU making the title game has some benefit for the Hoosiers. Illinois’ trip to the Rose Bowl (where USC will slaughter them), opened up a slot for a decent bowl for IU. Hey, anything is better than a trip to Detroit to play Central Michigan. Seriously, how is that even a reward?

A couple of you commented about my BCS rant saying that it’s better than the old system. Agreed. But, I don’t buy the argument that the presidents will never agree to a playoff. Someday, they will. And they will make so much green that everyone will sit in awe at the stupidity that kept them from doing it YEARS ago.

I feel bad for not mentioning big wins by the Hoosiers and Bulldogs last night. There. I mentioned them. Meanwhile, the Pacers went 3-1 out west? They are 3-2 in their last five, but the two losses were games that they should have won. I’m feeling good about this team’s chances to win 40 games and make the post season. Sigh. That depresses me for some reason.

Here’s some good post game links:
Don Banks KILLS the Jags (the SI headline: ‘Jags Gag Again’ made my day)
Lenny P has a couple of solid pieces. The second mocks the Jags big mouths.
The Indy Star has the Zeus Program review the game.
Kravitz is hilarious. Ok, so anyone who mocks the Jags is funny.
Bradshaw says the Colts are just better. He also says they have what he likes to call “explosive plays”. Terry Bradshaw: Wordsmith.
ESPN heard in the pressbox that the Colts need to straighten out their line. Well, duh. What have we been saying for a freaking month? They also say contract talks are quietly happening with the Zombie. I think we all feel good about that.

Finally, check Vic’s hilarious postmortem on the Jags game. He seems to feel like that they came away with something today. He seems to think these teams will play again. He also whines incessantly about a myriad of hilarious things like the officiating. There is almost no chance for the Jags and Colts to meet again. For this to occur, the following would have to happen:

1. The Colts would have to lose 3 games and wind up as a WC or,
2. The Jags would have to win at San Diego in the playoffs on the same weekend that Tenn/Cle beats Pittsburgh on the road or,
3. The Jags would have to beat San Diego AND NE on the road and wind up the AFC Championship game.

Am I missing a scenario? I don’t think so. There ain’t gonna be no rematch this year. Keep dreaming, you old coot.

Look, the Jags are now 1-6 in their last 7 against the Colts. Some of those games were close, but this ‘rivalry’ is getting a little one sided. The Titans are the Colts’ true rival in the AFC South. They are the only team other than Indy to actually win the division. They are geographically closer. They have a coach who is capable of match wits with anyone. I think it’s time to dismiss the Jags as nothing but whiny pretenders. Who lose. Just about every time they come to town.